Marriage Intensives

What Is A Marriage Intensive?

  • One-on-one with therapist for 1, 2, or 3 days
  • Research supports that “front-end-loading” therapy, or spending a significant amount of time learning and applying relational skills at the start of the therapeutic experience, proves most effective.
  • Devotes the necessary, concentrated time away from everyday distractions
  • Curriculum draws from current, leading relationship research and clinical studies that align with biblical truths. Therapist tailors material to meet couple’s specific needs
  • Couples learn what is involved in marital success, predictors of divorce, ways to prevent it, key relational concepts, and practical, easy-to-use exercises that provide focused and individualized help which can revitalize even the most stressed and wounded couples

Other Intensive Offerings

Pre-Marital Intensives

  • Reduce risk of divorce up to 30% by learning relationship skills now
  • Acquire skills not gained in the course of our everyday lives
  • Learn quick and simple exercises to put in your marriage “tool-kit”
  • Lay a foundation that’s pleasing to God

Hope Weekends Seminars, Workshops or Retreats

  • For groups such as churches, businesses, community agencies, or social service organizations
  • Clinically-based relationship programs aligned with the Word of God and tailored to meet the group’s specific needs and desires

Marriage Intensive Material

Integrates four, leading, research supported marriage curriculums:

1. The Gottman Institute

Data generated by Dr. John Gottman’s research offers a research-based glimpse into the anatomy of marriage and couples relationships

Core Principles:

  • Create Love Maps
  • Share Fondness and Admiration
  • Turn Towards
  • The Positive Perspective
  • Manage Conflict
  • Make Life Dreams Come True
  • Create Shared Meaning
2. Enriched Christian Marriage

By Dr. Richard Marks

3. Soul-Healing Love

By Dr. Tom and Dr. Beverly Rodgers

4. Love And Respect

Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

“One of the saddest reasons a marriage dies is that neither spouse recognizes its value until its too late.” (Gottman 1999)

A 50% Non-Refundable Deposit Will Be Required Upon Scheduling. Pricing starts at $1500 – $2500 for Intensives. (1.5 – 2 full days).