Group Counseling

When to say YES, how to say NO to take control of your life

Often, Christians focus so much on being loving and unselfish that they forget their own needs and limitations.

  • Learn how to set limits and still be a loving person
  • Having clear boundaries in essential to a healthy, balanced lifestyle

Shelter from the Storm
Hope for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Free yourself of haunting memories and wounds of your past as you discover hope with other women and uncover:

  • False beliefs about abuse
  • The process of grieving what was lost
  • How to regain trust, control, and intimacy

More from victim, to survivor, to one who thrives!

Search for Significance
Female adolescent support group

  • Worrying about what other people think can take all the fun out of life
  • Identify lies you’ve believed about yourself
  • Feel confident and happy about who you are

It’s time to feel good about YOU!

Surrendering the Secret
Healing the Heartbreak of Abortion

  • Experience a journey of restoraton with care and support from other women
  • Release painful memories, guilt, shame, and/or depression
  • Break the silence and discover pathway to healing

Affair Recovery
Couples Support Group

  • Learn how to heal and recover from extramarital affairs
  • Understand the 4 types of affairs and their causes:
    • Class 1: One-night stand
    • Class 2: Entangled
    • Class 3: Sexual Addiction
    • Class 4: Add on Affair

Groups at TBCCC

  • Limited to 10 members / group
  • Pre-registration required
  • Must commit to weekly attendance for duration of group