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Hosting a seminar, workshop or retreat to enhance relationships???

Whether for a church, business, community agency, or social service organization, we lead clinically-based relationship programs that align with the work of God.

Programs are tailored to met the group’s specific needs and desires. We have spoken for a variety of groups (congregations, singles, married couples) covering topics that run the gamut from identifying healthy partner traits or learning/applying relationship skills to thorough discussion on specific topics such as sexuality, emotional maturity, bonding/attachment, overcoming gridlock, or whatever your group desire to learn more about in the areas of marriage and family, mental health and theology.

Couple’s Weekend

We are able to put together seminars and retreats that are tailor made for your couples group. Give us a call and let’s explore your needs and how we can benefit your church or organization: 813-964-5511.

“All pain comes through relationship…AND all healing comes through relationship.”